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Who am I?

+14 years experience working in lead London agencies, global brands and social enterprises. More info is in my CV.

Strong empathy, trust and conviction for building valuable partnerships and successful projects. I like to work on innovative projects, which have collaboration at the heart of them.

I believe in the positive power brands can have. The ones who invest in being ‘social’ businesses, will be the ones who thrive, innovate and stay relevant.

Other stuff I do

I run a social enterprise and social good group with 2,500 members worldwide, and a clothes swapping community called The Clothes Club. Both started as experiments. We’ve given nearly £8,000 to good causes like Art Against Knives, Birdsong, Bootstrap Campus, Childhope., Cancer Research UK, Foodcycle, Hackney Pirates.

I’m always happy to chat so get in touch emilydeg@gmail.com if you need help with the below.


If you need help with a project I’m always happy to meet for a coffee or chat/skype.
I’m passionate about helping to make stuff happen, innovation, working in an agile way, and businesses that act as a force for social good.

Please email, connect on Twitter, or LinkedIn


Some examples of the work I’ve done: from an Adidas campaign for the Euros, to an experiential event and social content for More Th>n, to a start-up I set up to provide unsecured income to good causes, and collaborative workshops with influencers.