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Who am I?

+15 years experience working in lead London agencies, global brands and social enterprises. More info is in my CV section.

I grew the Eurostar account and then helped M&C Saatchi’s digital start over 5 years. I ran their first retainer with RBS Group which was worth over £3million in 4 years. I started freelancing after this working with companies like Glue, We Are Social, w+k, VCCP Kin, The Big Issue Group, JustGiving.

Strong empathy, trust and conviction for building valuable partnerships and successful projects. I like to work on innovative projects, which have collaboration at the heart of them.

I believe in the positive power brands can have. The ones who invest in being ‘social’ businesses, will be the ones who thrive, innovate and stay relevant.

Growth mindset believer

In 2013-2014 I did On Purpose a social enterprise leadership programme. I helped The Big Issue/Big Issue Invest in their first Group marketing role, and JustGiving launch their first labs crowdfunding product helping to generate the first 700 projects and £1million in revenue.

In 2018 I did Seth Godin’s altMBA and got a little award which was nice.

I’ve recently done a Scrum Master course. I’m a big believer in on-going self learning. I like to focus on how I can bring out the best in others.

Social good stuff

I run a social enterprise and social good group with over 3,000 members worldwide, and a clothes swapping community called The Clothes Club. Both started as experiments. We’ve given £7,000 to good causes like Art Against Knives, Birdsong, Bootstrap Campus, Childhope., Cancer Research UK, Foodcycle, Hackney Pirates.

I’m always happy to chat so get in touch emilydeg@gmail.com if you need help with the below.


If you need help with a project I’m always happy to meet for a coffee or chat/skype.
I’m passionate about helping to make stuff happen, innovation, working in an agile way, and businesses that act as a force for social good.

Please email, connect on Twitter, or LinkedIn


Some examples of the work I’ve done: from an Adidas campaign for the Euros in 2016 with over 3million views, to an experiential event for 1,500 actual customers and live social content for More Th>n, to building the model and setting up Creative Equals first Returners Programme generating +£165,000 in revenue in the first few months.